About Us

CarryDreams was born in 2016 at Kolkata, the pioneer city in Indian Renaissance. , It’s a dream shared by two brothers Rajesh, a traditional Jewel smith & Rakesh, A Manchester University IT Graduate who had an epiphany that compelled them to discard conventional way and explore the world of artisanal craftsmanship. CarryDreams is a tribute to quintessential Indian sensibilities, blended perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship. The Indian love story being a global one, aspires everyone to the nostalgia, mysticism and romance of the historic landmarks, vibrant culture, landscape and an endless collection of eclectic modern icons.

CarryDreams offers a unique mix of design and craftsmanship as it celebrates an era when every journey was glamorous and travels ventured to unfamiliar frontiers to discover both themselves, as well as new places. Every handcrafted piece of CarryDreams Jewellery, accessories or luggage is an expression of fine individuality. Embellishments adorn materials in subtle sophistication, carefully balanced to make a distinct statement that whispers elegance.

Carrydreams.com is e-retail platform that houses exclusive jewellery & accessories for consumers looking for novel, authentic and strikingly exquisite designs. Carrydreams put array of affordable options which makes it one stop destination for every mood and occasion. We want to make online purchase easier by providing reliable information about our product with precise pictures, descriptive sizing chart, and comprehensive description of metal and diamond quality.

Affordable and Quality Products

The affordability and high quality inspires CarryDreams™ to bring exquisite designs that is light on your pocket. We offer shopping that brings enhanced customer experience, 100% buyer protection, safe and secure transaction, easy returns and on- time shipping with just click and choose. Each diamond is quality tested at authorised laboratory and purity gold is hallmarked

Designs to Bring Smiles

Bengal is land where the art of jewellery originated, the dextrous craftsmen from this place bring the complete blend of old age charisma and graceful modern trend designs for every age and gender. Every piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted to create exclusive design to bring smiles on every face.

Designs for every occasion

India is a mixture of different colours with different people living together. Thus, in the designs offered by Carrydreams, one can witness a melange of cultures, thoughts and the different interpretations of beauty.

We invite you to share your dreams with CarryDreams.

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